MILSPEC WATCH GROUP Is An Authorized Distributor and Dealer for Marathon Watch Company, LÜM-TEC and (MWC) Military Watch Company.  We Are U.S. Based, Independently Owned and Operated in the Twin Cities of Minnesota, Central North Dakota and Surrounding Region.
Our Group adherence to core values of Integrity, Honesty and Civility are foundational as we push forwards toward new partnerships within the "Tool Watch" space.  The Group is affiliated and continues to Support Law Enforcement, Military, EMS/EMT, Fire, Corrections, Auxiliary Personnel, and their Families.  
As Authorized Dealers MILSPEC GROUP Works Directly with Watch Companies and Brands who Manufacture 100% Authentic, High Quality, Purpose Built, Horological Products with Provenance in Supporting Honorable Causes that Value Selflessness correlating with Duty and Civil Service.  Offering Brands that support People and Organizations who are spending their hard earned money while laying it out on the line for one another and most oftentimes complete strangers.  We are a group of humbled yet dedicated watch enthusiasts with several decades of urban-field experience who, as a byproduct, disproportionately abuse their kit, watches included.  Regardless of pay grade, comp. time, OT, or off-duty gig, we've all stretched our wallets for a watch and believe offering value to Everyone is not only critical but paramount.
Collectively our group is not interested or comfortable talking about ourselves given the nature of our vocational pedigrees.  We offer the same watches that have served us (and others) well for decades.  We will always do our best to support others first.  Our Group takes great pride in actually wearing the brands we carry.  A perk of being AD's is knowing the specific lengths and depths each company goes in R&D, testing.  The stories about what we're interested in and why we are incredibly passionate about watches or even where it all started is probably similar to yours.  The necessity of wearing specific tools has now morphed into an obsession, a statement and undoubtedly an "addiction". We don't have a schtick.  'About Us' from euphoric recall after living with decades of compartmentalization isn’t sexy or appropriate here.
Again, we only offer 100% Authentic Watches from Brands on our website that we all have personally worn while working, in service and off-duty.  Cliche but we've literally worn these watches in every environment humanly possible.  The constancy with wearing a tool watch concludes with referencing time, the indefinite progress of existence, day and night diligent of instance.  Time is the essence of punctuation... watches are in fact independent precision instruments that cannot fail.  One of our goals with this website is to serve a wider audience highlighting a variety of military specification watches of epoch.  Our bread and butter will continue to be private interpersonal relationships within Military, Law Enforcement, EMS/EMT, Fire, and Corrections. This includes support staff and all civilians who are independently avid about tool watches which ultimately links us ALL together.  We're extremely lucky to have such quality, reliable partners as Authorized Dealers and plan to offer a wider variety of products as we proceed.   
MILSPEC GROUP genuinely care and value your satisfaction with time you've invested in visiting our website.  From all of us to you, please stay safe.